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Phone: 519 767 2013

Profile: Issy Nochomovitz CFR

Issy is an entrepreneur, trainer, and business professional. Issy has a very successful track record in the corporate world. As National Sales Manager for Wolverine Canada he developed training programs for both in-house and client personnel.

These innovative programs resulted in healthy sales increases, worker harmony and healthy customer partnerships. These initiatives were carried forward to his appointment as VP Sales of Puma Canada where he served until 2000, the year he started his own business.

Issy also takes his enthusiasm and expertise into the City of Guelph community. He is past corporate secretary of the Guelph Soccer Club, was an active participant in the SmartGuelph initiative as a committee member and group facilitator and worked on the planning board of ‘Friends of Tikinagan’ a fundraising initiative of Family and Children’s Services in Guelph. Issy is an active member of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, sits on the Board of The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington and volunteers with Junior Achievement.

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Effective Communication for Today’s Multi-Generational Workplace

The workplace has changed!

Why does the new employee demographic text on their smartphones during a presentation by the company president?

Why don’t these new employees read the expensive reports instead of “Googling” for the same information?

The answer is Generational Differences – there are now 3 to 4 generations working in the same office space, all with different and various “points of reference”.
This has brought about major challenges on understanding and communicating between employees in today’s workplace.

Besides the “Water Cooler Chat”, one has to communicate one’s ideas, concepts and self, up the corporate ladder, down the corporate ladder and to one’s peers across the corporate ladder.

Ages and therefore generations differ and to effectively communicate in all directions, one has to familiarize oneself with the attributes of each generation and what makes them “Tick”.

To better understand this concept, organize a half-day workshop on the topic.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the various generations currently in the workplace
  • Learn what makes each generation “tick”
  • Gain a better understanding of their own generation
  • Better understand the influences and working traits of each generation
  • Be presented with ideas on how to make the connection with each generation
  • Take part in interactive group discussions
  • Challenged to start their journey to becoming an efficient and effective Generational Communicator

There is a strong focus on how to communicate effectively with each generation, both from “young to old and old to young”!

Be a pioneer of this current trend and workplace reality by contacting us for more information.

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Raising The Flag

Raising The Flag©

Productivity Through Leadership

Raising The Flag© is a unique experiential team game and exercise that has multiple uses for organizations. It challenges participants to use their skills, talents and creativity to develop a folklore, chant and flag for their “tribe” in a highly competitive and interactive environment.

Participants are encouraged to ‘let their hair down’ and use creative thinking to complete the challenge of Raising The Flag©.

This two hour, fast paced, high energy workshop, challenges each competing team to:

  • Select a leadership and decision-making style that ensures they can win the game
  • Break down their natural communication barriers and share ideas and resources freely
  • Do a risk-reward analysis of possible options to get where they need to be
  • Identify individual strengths and talents to create the strongest possible team.
  • Try new ideas and approaches to be as effective as possible.
  • Practice excellent time management.

Benefits of experiencing Raising The Flag©

Participants will:

  • Find the leadership and decision making style that works for them
  • Improve their collective and individual productivity
  • Stimulate their thinking power
  • Learn the difference between teamwork and “a working team”
  • Experience the value of positive communication and team dynamics

Finally, participants will build confidence as they are challenged to assess their own skills and find ways to enhance or improve them.

Suggested Applications for Raising The Flag©

Raising The Flag© can be used as an Assessment Tool for:

  1. Issy at a Raising the Flag Workshop Project Managers - RTF© mirrors an actual project in that

    • a specific task has to be completed
    • a team is assembled to complete the task
    • each individual’s talent has to be assessed and utilized
    • plans and strategies have to be drawn up to complete the task
    • timelines have to be met
    • resources are supplied to complete the task
    • other teams have to be consulted in order to complete the task
    • leadership effectiveness and productivity will be assessed at the end

  2. Managers / Team Leaders / Supervisors

    • How the leader communicates with each team member
    • How the leader utilizes each team member’s talents
    • How the leader creates a team that works
    • How the leader ensures team harmony
    • How the leader continually keeps the team’s focus on the goal
    • How productive and profitable the task was completed by the team

  3. Department

    • Raising The Flag© will assess how departments communicate and work with each other to complete a specific task

  4. Job Applicants

    • Raising The Flag© will assess how potential candidates work in a team environment, assess tasks, use their talents to complete the task and whether they have leadership potential
    • Other Applications for Raising The Flag©
    • Raising the Flag© is ideal for training and assessment programs , sales conferences, retreats, trade shows and “lunch and learns”- both as a facilitation tool and a simple, fast-paced energizer and motivator. It is a flexible approach, designed to best meet the needs of an organization and the people and teams that work in it.

Other Applications for Raising The Flag©

  • Raising the Flag© is ideal for training and assessment programs , sales conferences, retreats, trade shows and “lunch and learns”- both as a facilitation tool and a simple, fast-paced energizer and motivator. It is a flexible approach, designed to best meet the needs of an organization and the people and teams that work in it.

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The Model Team

The Model Team© is a 90 minute experiential learning exercise that highlights the following business skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Delegation of responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Strategic planning
  • Team harmony
  • Team leadership
  • Productivity
  • Attitude
  • Time management
  • Coaching

Teams are required to construct a model under very challenging, but real-life rules and scenarios. They need to use their creativity, imagination, communication and team skills in order to convey the nature and specifications of the model to each other.

They also need to develop a leadership style, assign tasks and create a plan of action to ensure that they can build the model effectively.

Teams must also practice effective time management. They have specific time limits for observation, communication, planning and model construction.

Teams will be challenged by “Reality Cards” that are issued to them during the exercise. These mirror real-life business situations that may force them to adapt their plans and tasks.

The benefits of The Model Team© are:

  • Can be played by up to 40 people
  • Excellent way to review key leadership, communication and team building skills
  • Can be related back to “real life” easily and effectively
  • Very valuable as an energizer, motivator, or “time out” exercise
  • Extremely challenging for participants - requires all their skills
  • Proven effective by leading corporations

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A Unique Approach to Strategic Planning

Pathways© is a highly interactive, energized and outcomes-driven approach to Strategic Planning that has helped hundreds of organizations to chart a course for the future in a very short time and with proven results.

Pathways © is uniquely designed so you can:

  • Involve all of your key people in strategic planning that takes a few hours instead of days
  • Capture all your key decisions instantly and on-site so that you leave the process with a total Strategic Plan in place
  • Refocus on your Vision, Mission , Strategic Directions and Action Items with clarity and energy
  • Eliminate the old “flip chart on the wall” routine and replace it with an immediate review of everything you have discussed and accomplished
  • Turn your Strategic Planning Process into a morale-building, team-building exercise that re-motivates and re-directs your workforce.


Pathways © is customized for

  • Your unique Strategic Planning needs
  • The environment within which your enterprise operates
  • The desired outcomes you want to accomplish
  • Your organizational culture and workplace behaviours.

Technology companies, Jesuit Centres, Hospices, Medical Clinics, Manufacturers, Retail Organizations and Municipalities across the country have all taken advantage of the Pathways © process with demonstrable results.

fFor more information on Pathways © and other available workshops, please go to

Petrona Associates Ltd.
For all your HR, Recruiting, plus Health & Safety needs, contact the professionals at Beyond Rewards Inc.



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